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Spoon – Got Nuffin

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Spoon - Got NuffinI was watching an episode of Chuck called “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome“.  Besides the silly humor and marginally interesting plot, the show has some REALLY great music.  The theme for the show is Cake’s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” – the extremely contagious instrumental track for it that is, with some sound effects – here’s the video for the Chuck Theme song.  The first episode I ever watched had an extremely excellent placement of Foux Du Fa Fa by Flight of the Concords.  In any case, recently while watching the “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome” episode with my brother Konst, he got intrigued because one of the songs sounded “really familiar”.  So after some on-and-off googling, I figured out that it was “Space Monkeys” by the Dust Brothers.  Its on the Fight Club soundtrack, which explains why it was played during the “Fight Club” scenes in that particular Chuck episode.  Here’s a pretty funny home-made video for the song.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  While re-watching the episode, another song caught my ear.  I did my standard google for the lyrics strategy.  After googling for “when i’m with you all my brothers know” and coming up with nothing, then running a bunch more searches for other portions of the song I could figure out from the episode, and coming up with more nothing, I found a site that lists the songs used in Chuck episodes.  I think its pretty ironic that after getting so much nothing from google, the song I was looking for is called “Got Nuffin”. ;)   Here is Got Nuffin by Spoon on YouTube.  And here are the lyrics:


Bacardi Mojito commercial with music by Matt and Kim – genius

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Whoever’s making commercials for Bacardi is a genius.  I usually don’t even drink rum, but this new commercial certainly has me thirsty for a mojito.  The music is by “Matt and Kim”, the song is called “Daylight”.  They’re on Green Label Sound (who seem to be some sort of musical offspring of PepsiCo/Mountain Dew – and also have some sort of relationship to an artist I’ve heard of before – Flosstradamus). Matt and Kim have an official website too!  You can download an honest to goodness MP3 of the song from the label’s site.  And finally there’s full access to a video of the commercial on YouTube!  Unbelievable, I guess after all those years of having to search out your favorite commercial’s songs, lyrics, videos, etc. are over and done with.  Now all this media is at our fingertips and I’m pretty sure the folks running the show at the companies that come up with the commercials, that make the products and that create the music … finally get it!  Thank you social media!

Here are the lyrics for anybody who’s trying to decypher the words:


Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

If you haven’t seen this flash animation, you’re missing out.

And here are the lyrics…


A Perfect Circle : The Nurse Who Loved Me

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Listening to A Perfect Circle right now, and the song “The Nurse Who Loved Me” struck me as being at the same time odd and comfortably fascinating. Crazy stuff. Apparently its a cover of a song by Failure, and the lyrics are only a little bit different. The Failure song talks about a “rock’s topography”, whereas I think this version talks about a “rug’s topography”. Also there Failure version has “she’s got everything i need; some pills that are red on top“, while this version has “she’s got everything i need; some pills in a little cup“. Interesting differences and the song’s meaning is a mystery to me as well, although I have my theories. Anybody have any theories they’d like to share?

And the lyrics…


Coors Light Wingman Song

Sunday, October 12th, 2003

The Coors Light Wingman commercial is hillarious, and apparently the song is by GoldSpot. I read about it a little bit on Shanti Bradford’s blog.

This song is so funny, and I’ve found myself signing it on random occasions. Sweet. Note to my brother Konst, you have to learn this song and perform it for me :) .

Here’s a link to the video, to the Lyrics and Chords. Here they are..