Coors Light Wingman Song

The Coors Light Wingman commercial is hillarious, and apparently the song is by GoldSpot. I read about it a little bit on Shanti Bradford’s blog.

This song is so funny, and I’ve found myself signing it on random occasions. Sweet. Note to my brother Konst, you have to learn this song and perform it for me :) .

Here’s a link to the video, to the Lyrics and Chords. Here they are..

Written by Chris K and Jason Elm

This chick’s rockin’ your bro on the dance floor.
(D9) (G)
But she’s towing an anchor.
(D9) (G)
A junior investment banker.
(Bm) (A)
Who’s talkin’ about herself and not
(F#on the2ndfret with the B and Estring ringingout)
much more.
(G) (Dsus)(the sung melody is an F#)
So buy her a beer,
(Dsus) (A)
its the reason you’re here:
(A) (Bm)
Mighty Wingman
(Bm) (D) (A)
You’re taking one for the team,
(Bm) (A) (G)
so your buddy can live the dream:
(F#) (G) (D)

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  1. The Wingman (we’re bringing back the Wingman Song too) – flipvine Says:

    [...] I don’t know if you folks remember the Coors Light Wingman Song – probably one of my favorite advertising spots of all time.  Here’s the video – enjoy the little musical interlude lol.. and if you want, check out the lyrics to Wingman. [...]

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