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NextJump’s Overwhelming Offers Blackberry App

Monday, November 16th, 2009

OOBBMy brother Konstantin has been working on a BlackBerry app for NextJump’s Overwhelming Offers site.  Looks like the app got some press coverage today, on PCMag’s TechSaver site.  Way to go Konst, too bad the article doesn’t mention all the hours you’ve poured into that application.  Oh well, the developers behind the product rarely get mentioned ;)

For those of you who don’t know, OverWhelming offers has daily offers of 50% off or more every Monday through Friday at noon (and some days more than one offer per day).  Definitely check it out for holiday shopping if you haven’t already.  Here’s a tidbit from a press release NextJump did for the app:

Every Monday through Friday at Noon (Eastern Daylight Time), posts one extraordinary offer from Next Jump’s more than 28,000 well-known retail and brand partners. However, on occasion, will surprise shoppers with “Super OO Days” where multiple offers are featured, such as 11 OOs this past November 11. Next Jump is planning many more Super OO Days in November and December. Shoppers can get a hint as to the day’s OO – such as “Mii+Mii=…” (Answer: Wii) – or they can sign up to get a sneak peek in advance via a daily email.

Funny, back when Konstantin was working on the actual OO site, he use to have to write those hints.  Anyways, Kudos to Konst for the app getting mentioned.