Tweets on 2009-05-13

  • NY1 says police stopped and frisked 171,000 people last year? 468 a day on average.. does that seem weird to anybody? #
  • Actually 171,000 stop-n-frisks from Jan to Mar 2009 – that’s 1900 a day, and apparently most ppl stopped weren’t white. Wow, police-state? #
  • @whitneyhess I agree, now I have to keep a search window open in tweetie for “@ivantumanov”, damn it, that sucks :( #fixreplies #
  • Figures, today my lunch came in a @SeamlessWeb bag, and the restaurant completely ignored my request for no utensils/condiments #
  • RT @adamhelfgott: wow, this may be one of the most exciting things ever. moscow cat circus! #
  • @SeamlessWeb Rising Dragon on W 36th St. in NYC – started w/ restaurant that was on only, then changed to this place lol in reply to SeamlessWeb #
  • @rhymesayers tonight’s show in Philly? I thought it was on the 15th! in reply to rhymesayers #

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