VIM for PHP Programmers


I came across a pretty good presentation by Andrei Zmievski from Yahoo! Inc.  Its a 77 page walk-through of VIM for PHP Programmers – quite comprehensive!  It covers essentials like setting marks and jumping to them quickly – which was a personal pet peeve of mine.  Little did I know vim had that covered – even global marks across files :) !  Of course vim is a bottomless bucket if you’re going to pour sweat into learning it, Andrei admits it quite succinctly on slide 18 for instance – “vim regexp language is too sophisticated to be covered here.” ;)

250px-time_enough_at_lastThe site this presentation is published on – Scribd – is quite cool in its own right.  There’s just an amazing amount of information published on the site.  I’m not gonna go into a “Time Enough At Last” monologue here, but Scribd would be an interesting place to be left with in that kind of situation. I’m going to leave you with a Time Enough At Last mashup to Pink Floyd’s “Time”:

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