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RSSDoodle Buzz Marketing

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I got a ping-back about my last post, the second of its kind actually.  Looks like there’s a Wordpress plugin called RSSDoodle that allows automatic compilation and posting of posts based on a keyword search to your blog.  This is definitely a fascinating way to create awareness about your blog – essentially by auto-commenting on other people’s relevant blog posts.  The only disappointment is that the initial “wow, I’m flattered that somebody had something to say about my post” quickly disappears once you realize it was an automatic comment.  ;)

Text to Speech and Back Again

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I became interested in text-to-speech and voice recognition recently.  Partly because I started recording voice notes on my BlackBerry Bold recently, instead of adding new todo items and typing out text memos of new ideas.

Back in 2003, I pondered using text-to-speech to perform intelligent “morning buddy” tasks.  Originally it was motivated by a post on Seth Godin’s blog,  In other words – how would you like somebody to wake you up (and I mean persistently bother you until you actually get out of bed); and somebody to read you the morning news, weather and todo list; and what if that thing was your computer – or even a little bed-side appliance?

Over the last couple of days I started thinking about this idea again.  Originally I thought it would be very cool to control your instant messenger application with voice.  Think about driving and getting an IM alert from your phone.  Unlocking your phone (as I use the BlackBerry password lock feature religiously) with voice would be cool.  Then you could have the phone read the IM message to you.  Prompt it to read you the previous message to give you context of the conversation – and it does that.  Prompt it to reply and it uses voice recognition to type a response and then read it back to you.  Tell it to send the message when you’re ready, and presto! – voice-based instant mobile messaging.  I’ve used the Voice Command feature on Windows-based mobile phones like the Treo.  I know this kind of thing can be done.  But if somebody created something like this already, why don’t I know about it? Tell me if I’m wrong, I’d love to just use something like this that’s already built.  But somehow I think its either not a reality yet or perhaps it hasn’t been properly marketed.

Either way, I’m going to make this a little pet project, or something like this.  I have no doubt that there’s a demand for something like this.  Now I’m gonna have to get my google search on, and then get my hands a little dirty with code to make it happen.

Wordpress on the iPod Touch

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I like to lounge on the couch and play with my iPod Touch on occasion. The biggest drawbacks are of course the touch-screen based keyboard and the relatively short battery life. But I can’t help but be impressed with the variety and quantity of applications and games available for download and purchase.

I just downloaded the Wordpress app and in fact, this post is written on and posted from my iPod Touch.

While for serious work I definitely prefer my BlackBerry Bold, for chilling out and browsing a few webpages and playing some gsmes, the iPod Touch can’t be beat.